arix spa

arix spa
Viale Europa, 23
46019 VIADANA (MN)

Telephone n° +39 0375 832111
Telefax n° +39 0375 780304

ARIX  S.p.a. develops, produce and commercialize tools and accessories for household and professional cleaning,   and care personal: polyurethanic sponges, cellulose sponges, abrasive sponges, multipurpose cloths, floor cloths, dusting cloths, ironing boards, brooms, articles granting very good and safe performances, with an undeniable saving of time,  money and fatigue!
After 40 years on the market Arix is the major Italian company in the household cleaning sector and is among the first world producer of abrasive fibres and sponges. It is market leader in Italy for ironing boards. 
The synergy between our specific know-how, developed directly on the market, and the collaboration with the biggest GDO chains allowed us to:
develop a serious and efficient service, able to grant and respect all the needs of our customers,  a unique contribution in all the core-business sectors of ARIX and great performances in last years.
Thanks to its branches located in relevant commercial and logistic spot and to joint ventures with some important partners, the ARIX brand is now spread all over the world, and it is growing stronger on all the top and also emerging market. Our Company is certified by TÜV-ITALIA and adopted the OHSAS 18000 procedure regarding the security and safety of its employees.


Arix Splendelli:
Synthetic and cellulose sponges, abrasive and non-scratch fibres, and other products for the cleaning of pottery and kitchenware. 
Arix Panni:
100% cotton, TNT and Microfibre cloths for dusting, cleaning and washing all kind of surfaces.
Acqua Massage: 
Line of products for hygiene and personal cleanliness.
Arix Clean System:
complete live of clening tools for all houseworks ( Indoor/outdoor brooms and push brooms realised with 100% recyclable materials, set duster, brushes, dust pans, laundry accessories…)
Arix Stirokay:
The widest and well assorted range of ironing boards on the market, can satisfy every   kind of practical-functional need.
Arix Auto:
Vast assortment of sponges, leather and TNT cloths to take care of your car. 
Arix Professional:
Specific line, dedicated to the operators of professional cleaning, industry and catering.
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