cisaplast spa

cisaplast spa
Via F.lli Polischi, 3 
46029 SUZZARA (MN)

Telephone n° +39 0376 520102-0337-449372 
Telefax n° +39 0376 536689


The company has been established in 1962 and since the beginning it has dealt in the manufacture of particulars for commercial refrigerators. Till today it mantains unchanged this production line that is developed going from the thermophorming polystyrene inner door to the production of the sophisticated door with curved and heated glass for ice-creams and drinks display cases. Today we are the greatest manufacturer of doors for coolers and freezers in Italy and in the South Europe


Complete plastic doors also for low temperatures, magnetic gaskets, thermoforming, lateral panels with thermoforming and injected with polyurethane. Glass door of every kind and for every use. heated glass with invisible aluminium frame. Frames with traditional lighting or strengtened CISALENS. Bottle-rack shelving to insert behind the door.
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