c.m.m. srl

c.m.m. srl
C.M.M. Srl
Via Marchionale, 72/D
46046 MEDOLE (MN)

Telephone n° +39 0376 898150
Telefax n° +39 0376 899069


Service center for pipes and sheets laser workings.

CMM is one of the biggest European factories for metal laser cuts, sheets and steel tubes and profile workings.
The production department is extended on 40,000 sqm, of which 13,000 are completely covered, while employees reached the number of 90 people.
CMM is also part of GRUPPO MANNI Verona, the Leader Company in Europe for trading, distributing and working of pipes, beams and steel sheets.

We have a sheet department composed by:
  • 3 laser cut machines to work plates made of carbon steel, aluminium and inox steel up to 20 mm thickness and 4000X2000 mm dimension
  • 2 punching machines with automatic loading and unloading for plates of 3000X1500 mm
  • 2 bending robots in order to bend plates up to 4000X1500 mm.
We have also a tube department equipped with 8 laser cutting plants of last generation that allow to work up to 14 meterslength of:
  • pipes with min. diameter 10 mm and max. diameter 508 mm
  • square tubes of min. 10x10 mm and maximum section 400x400 mm
  • rectangular tubes of min. 10 mm and maximum section 500x300 mm
CMM can also realize special joints and connections allowing pipes to be put together. This avoids following welding and grant considerable saving to our customers.

Services that we offer to our customers:               
  • projects for steel structures
  • deliveries all around the world                                                                                                           
Provided guaranties:                                                 
  • ISO 9001:2000 certification, starting from  1996
  • certification for the employed raw material
  • Guaranty for the continuity of the produced material
We are following more that 3.000 customers in Europe and  North Africa.
CMM srl
Via Marchionale 72
46046 Medole ( MN) Italy 
TEL +39 0376 898150
FAX +39 0376 899069 
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