Egypt - Important news concerning payments and export of some goods

We have received two important pieces of news from Cairo. They are as follows


1) beginning from 1st January 2016, restrictive measures regarding payments to foreign Countries  have been put into place, i.e. only payments “against documents” and documentary credits (letter of credit) will be accepted;

2) with Ministerial Decree No 992 dated 30th Dec 2015, the Egyptian Government decided to create a register for the factories qualified to export some products to Egypt. That is to say, to export to Egypt the products enclosed to the decree, the foreign factories shall before register in the aforementioned register.  The Ministerial Decree comes into force on 1st March 2016.

The products subject to preliminary registration are as follows:

- Milk and milk products put up for retail sale;
- Preserved and dried fruits put up for retail sale;
- Oils and fats put up for retail sale;
- Chocolate and food preparations containing cocoa put up for retail sale;
- Sugar confectionery;
- Pastries and food preparations of cereals, bread and bakery products;
- Fruit juices put up for retail sale;
- Natural, mineral and soda water;
- Makeup, cosmetics, oral and dental care products, deodorants, toiletries and perfume preparations;
- Soap and surfactants intended for use as soap, put up for retail sale;
- Floor coverings;
- Tableware, cutlery and kitchenware;
- Bathtubs, sinks, wash basins, toilets, toilet seats and covers thereof;
- Toilet paper, cosmetic paper, diapers and towels;
- Blocks, squared tiles and tiles for home use;
- Table glassware;
- Reinforced iron;
- Home appliances (stoves, fryers, air-conditioners, fans, washing machines, blenders, heaters);
- Home and office furniture;
- Regular bicycles, motorbikes and motorized bikes;
- Watches;
- Lighting devices for home use;
- Toys;
- Clothing, textiles, furnishing fabrics, carpets, blankets and footwear.

  Herewith, we send you enclosed a copy of the Egyptian decree of 30th Dec 2016 No 992 in English, as well as our free translation into Italian.

Decreto Originale
Decreto tradotto
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