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gheda mangimi srl
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We produced pasta, not satisfied we became the first pasta producers of pre-cooked fodders. Today we also produce dried food for dogs and cats but we aren't satisfied yet... The pride in being the first, the capacity to be the first. The intuition of producing food for animals dates back to some years ago: the transformation from pasta producer to fodder factory ended in 1975 giving the possibility to become rapidly one the first national company of PETFOOD. The wish to grow, the production potentiality reached during these years and the awareness of being the depositaries of a tradition envied all over the world, permitted us to export our product "Made in Italy" to Europe, opening companies in France, Germany, Hungary, Greece and Spain, but our wish to improve goes on. Quality begins with raw material selection. In order to do "well-made things" it's necessary to respect precise rules. By Gheda all the ingredients we utilise, even if of high quality, are analysed before putting them in our production cycle. Getting better is one of our aims! by us research is endless. The considerable investments carried out during the last years potentiated our production capacities, so that now we are able to face resolutely the more and more growing market requests. Research and development are constant. This is a precise strategic choice, that enable us to achieve products apparently very simple, but with a very high technological value: pre-cooked pasta containing eggs and vitaminized with milk, are examples of simple products offering a high nutritional and wholesome formulation for the animal with a very high digestibility, to 96% During these years GHEDA MANGIMI (GHEDA PETFOOD) also produced a complete range of extrusion food, starting from excellent raw materials, such as fresh meat (Crocc food, Mixer food and Frolly food) obtaining desirable, palatable and assimilable aliments of a very high quality.


Zootechnical products, food for cats and dogs. Ready to mix. 
READY FOODS for a dog, To mix with meat or meat by-products tidbits. 
COMPLETE FOODS for a dog, to serve directly in a bowl. 
GOLOSITY To whet, to feed or to reward your friend, the dog. 
SPECIALITIES for your cat, a wide range of proposals in order to satisfy the palate of your cat. 
READY IN A BOWL KIRA: crunchy and savoury specialities for a complete and nutritious feed. 
- Soup food: it is a soup already cooked, light and ready to be used. 
- crook food: one kind of croquette with a high concentration of meat. 
- Mixer food: 4 different kinds of meat mixed with vegetables and cereals. 
- Frolly food: a biscuit with meat, mixed with cereals and vegetables. 
- Titbits: The latest new of READY IN BOWL. 
PREMIUM KIRA: Many irresistible dainties. 
- Bisko Food: Crisp natural biscuit. 
- Kira Supreme 
- Kira for Champion 
READY TO MIX: The food solution combining quality and saving 
- Basic Food: Pre-cooked pasta 
- Ovo Food: Pre-cooked egg pasta 
- Green Food: Pre-cooked pasta with vegetables 
- Cereal Food: Pre-cooked vegetable soup 
- Milk Food: Pre-cooked pasta tasting milk 
LE KOCCOLE: Specialities for cats. 
- Small Titbits 
- Princess 
- Croquettes 
- Hygienic Litter
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