gubela spa

gubela spa
Via Mazzini, 44/46

Telefono +39 0376 94161
Fax +39 0376 631000


Gubela Spa has a center and a factory in Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mn) and has abaut 50 dependent. It has been working since 1963 in the field of research, planning of the production and of installation of manufactured articles, equipments for the safety of the road traffic, railway, airports and for urban equipment. It has been working abroad for about 20 years.


Articles for the road safety delineators, reflectors, breaking list, mobile barriers for the separation of the passages, markers, cat'eyes, roadsigns in aluminum and steel, signals of cartographic type, urban standard equipment. Productions of roadsigns is supported by a center of computerized graphics and from a serigrafic center. Paint production: normal paint, reflective paint, thermoplastic materials for spray or for extrusion. Carpentry production: roadsigns support, cantilever aluminium Productions of marking machine: of any size, manual, self movings for cold paint and termoplastic paint. Application: The application department or installation is formed of teams equipped with vehicle and operative cars; the teams are present in the main office and in peripheral offices. Design department: where new solutions elaborating calculi of relative stability for load'beoring structures are studied using a specific software. Gubela Spa arranges of: Technological laboratory where there are researches and experimentations on the new materials employed for the realization of products used to assure a better level of performances. Controls of quality on the raw materials and on finished products are made. For many years the company is oriented to the service of the traffic safety through a specific division: consulting traffic service. The structure has qualified technicians who use a center of computerized graphics. Customers: Highways A.N.A.S. compartments. Provincial and Towns administration Railroads of the State Airports Offices Building industry
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