levoni spa

levoni spa
Via Matteotti, 23

Telephone n° +39 0376 434011
Telefax n° +39 0376 434000

Levoni has been synonymous with high quality sausages since 1911. Our company uses traditional Italian sausage production methods with careful selection of raw ingredients and expert processing methods. Our premises cover a surface area of 80,000 square maters, that allows us to control the whole process, from slaughtering to distribution. Most of our wares are produced in the factory of Castellucchio, our group's historical head office. The slaughtering is carried out at the premises of Mec-Carni company, one of the most modern slaughter-houses in Italy*. Our plant in the Volta Mantovana hills has been operating since 1962, S.Giorgio hams are cured here. Our newest curing plants for curing Parma ham were built in 1991 near Langhirano*. Production of Levoni dry-cured ham was further expanded in 1995 thanks to the addition of the Canossa ham factory in San Daniele del Friuli*. *Authorised by Expo USA, Japan, Switzerland.


Prosciutto di San Daniele, Prosciutto di Parma, cooked ham, salami, mortadella, bacon, speck, wurstel.
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