lubiam moda per l'uomo spa

lubiam moda per l'uomo spa
Viale Fiume, 55
46100 MANTOVA (MN)

Telephone n° +39 0376 3091
Telefax n° +39 0376 324421

Last year LUBIAM celebrated its centenary: carrying the hallmark of excellence and “Made in Italy,” it has been a century dedicated to hard work and success. Constant commitment to research,willingness for innovation, continuous experimenting, passion for tradition and the drive to propose high quality products: these are the values that have allowed the company to accomplish 100 years of success, establishing itself in both Italy and abroad.

LUBIAM is one of the few Italian companies which is still run by the family of its founder, Luigi Bianchi, who in 1911 set up Primaria Sartoria Luigi Bianchi – menswear and women’s dresses and suits.

Thanks to his enthusiasm and passion for tradition, Luigi Bianchi soon succeeded in starting up a successful firm, abandoning the womenswear at the end of the 1920s and focusing all his efforts and attention on tailoring for men, with 250 employees in 1933, which increased to over 400 in 1936.
Through a long specialisation and innovation process strongly motivated by Luigi’s eldest son, Edgardo, the Industria Confezioni Luigi Bianchi (Luigi Bianchi Production Industry) was established followed by LUBIAM, an acronym of Luigi Bianchi Mantova, underlining the profound ties with its land of origin.
From this moment onwards, the story evolves in a rapid succession of events and successes among which the company’s gradual expansion first in the United States and then in all the countries in Europe and the world as far as China and Japan. In the 1990s, a global restructuring process was undertaken by the company in order to find new development prospects for the brand.
In the Bianchi family, the enthusiasm for tradition has been passed on from father to son, straight through to the family’s fourth generation – Giuliano’s sons, Edgardo Jr, Giovanni and Gabriele and their cousins, Andrea and Laura Benedini – who have taken up the task of renewing the company’s spirit by launching new designs intended for a public with a taste for contemporary and high quality-tailored clothes.
Besides being a successful menswear company, LUBIAM is also an ethical and family-friendly company. Winner of the Family-Work Prize in 2009, it established itself as a sound leading company by improving both its production levels and the working environment of its employees. Many company policies have been implemented, which include the introduction of flexible hours and part-time (38% of its employees), as well as the Ida and Edgardo Bianchi nursery that opened up in 2010.
“We truly believe in family values,” states Edgardo Bianchi, Managing Director of LUBIAM, “this is why we want togive our employees substantial support in their everyday lives. We believe in solidarity and we hope to be anexample to other firms similar to ours.”




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