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manerba spa
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Manerba S.p.A. is an Italian Company that has been operating in the office furniture sector ever since 1969. The qualities and advantages that are currently most in demand, i.e. rapid delivery, custom-made orders, and design support, are inherent in its industrial imprinting. These are feasible thanks to an organisational system that was planned according to its own contract logistics and by availing itself of large-scale production lots that are stock-piled and assembled in the warehouse. It also has the advantage of a specialised engineering department. Its evolution in time, which began with a rigorous selection operation that involved existing products, is now tangibly visible in the series of monographic catalogues. These depict the special characteristics and intended uses of the products by means of essential and refined graphics. This is what interests and attracts the attention of design studies, namely the clientele that is Manerba’s current target. On the product front, in connection with the presentation of new operative and managerial systems that were devised with an eye to innovation, design and executive quality, the Manerba S.p.A. production is divided up among the Beauty Touch reception system, the Click series of desks and tables (both operative and executive), Thin Box and Manbox modular containers in a variety of typologies and finishing touches (wood, lacquer, glass).
Recently, Manerba has launched 2 new products: the presidential collection Revo and the operative range K-Word, both prizewinning of the prestigious Good Design Award at the Chicago Athenaeum of Modern Art and Design.


Presidential and directional office furniture; operative office furniture systems; office chairs and armchairs; hospital furniture; school furniture; workshops furniture. Brand products offered by Manerba Spa are: REVO, K-WORD, CLICK MANAGER, CLICK OPERATIVE, BEAUTY TOUCH, THIN BOX, MANBOX, GALILEO, DESK.


2008 Italy
A.T.M. Milano / new control room - Azienda Ospedaliera di Pavia/Nuovo Ospedale di Broni/Stradella (PV) - Az. U.S.L. di Reggio Emilia / various plants - Belleli Energy CPE S.p.A. / new headquarters in Mantua -Bricocenter Italia Srl / plants all over Italy - Fincantieri S.p.A. / Trieste - Forgiatura A. Vienna / new plant in Rho (Milan) - Fondazione Umberto Veronesi / new plant in Milan - Gambro Dasco / Modena - Gruppo Buffetti S.p.A. / new plant in Rome - Gruppo Italiano
Vini S.p.A. / offices in Calmasino (VR) - Henkel Italia S.p.A. / new offices in Milan - I.N.P.D.A.P. / new headquarters in Grosseto - Intesa San Paolo / office in Mantua - I.S.T.A.T. Roma / offices - Librerie Feltrinelli Srl / Milan - Manpower S.p.A. / Milan, plants all over Italy - Recordati S.p.A. / Milan - Same Deutz S.p.A. / new headquarters in Treviglio (MI) - Sorini S.p.A. / new headquarter in Santo Spirito (CR) - Unieuro S.p.A./ new headquarter in Piacenza - Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore / Milan - Zambon Immobiliare S.p.A. / new headquarter in Milan.
2009 Italy
Acciaieria Arvedi S.p.A. / headquarter in Cremona - Banca Popolare Emilia Romagna / variuos plants - Camera Commercio Imperia / managerial offices in the former Palazzo Sasso - Campusdellamoda srl / new headquarters in Carpi - CO.GE S.p.A. / Parma, new headquarter - Confagricoltura / Rome, new headquarter - Filerete Servizi Srl / Milan, headquarter of Centro Eccellenza Management - Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Carpi - MIP Consorzio per l’Innovazione nella Gestione d’Azienda / Milan - Generali Immobiliare Italia SGR S.p.A. / headquarter in Milano - Officina Maccaferri S.p.A. / Bologna, new headquarter - Politecnico di Milano / Dept. Of Management Engineering - Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia / Pordenone, President office - Università degli Studi di Milano / classrooms -computer labs in various campuses - RAI S.p.A. / forniture for Prix Italia 2009 - RAI S.p.A. / new headquarters in Saxa Rubra.
Foreign countries
Association Medical Board / Tripoli, Libya - Australian Embassy / Amman, Jordan - Namur Chamber of Commerce / Belgium - CSB, San Gwann / Malta - Daewood / Tripoli, Libya - De Pury, Pictet Turrettini & Cie / Geneva, Switzerland - Garage Colle / Luxemburg - Hypermarkety /Zagreb Slit and Osjiek, Croatia - Istituto Elvetico / Lugano, Switzerland - Tribunale di Sofia / Bulgaria - Università Eduardo Mondlane / Maputo, Mozambique - Ministry of Education / Iraq, Lebanon, Mozambique, Syria - Ministry of Health / Djibuti, Eritrea, Mozambique - British Airways Vip Lounge/ Lagos, Nigeria - Pelifilip Legal Company / Bucharest, Romania  - Goltsblat BLP / Moscow, Russia -MST Telcom /  Luanda, Angola - Time Center / Amman, Jordan - Rompetrol / / Bucharest, Romania - Nigerian Breweries / Lagos, Nigeria - Kenya Airways/ Lagos, Nigeria - Nissan Showroom / Erbil, Iraq  -DU / Dubai, U.A.E.
In april 2010 Paramount Pictures bought a Revo Workstation to be used on the set of Transformers 3.
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