manni spa

manni spa
Via Campione, 11
46031 SAN BIAGIO di Bagnolo S.Vito (MN)

Telephone n° +39 0376 415041 
Telefax n° +39 0376 415264

The Company MANNI was founded at the end of the fortys with a production of hydraulic control presses for the growing furniture handicraft. The Company MANNI has always faced the different exigencies of this sector by proposing the new Presses which can also work with polyurethane resins, with very interesting solutions. Since approximately 20 years the Company MANNI has diversified the production addressing its research towards the study and the realisation of technological installation in the field of injected expanded polyurethane. The main goal of MANNI is to produce a personalized installation with a, special design for the customer's exigences in order to find each time the innovating and alternative solutions for each particular need. The high number of installation both in Italy and abroad, testify of MANNI's quality and production capacity. The continuous technological research of our Company allow us to operate with the traditional artisanal care together with the must revolutionary solutions.


Machines and plants, oil-dynamic presses and plants for expanded polyurethane panels.
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