oem-ali spa

oem-ali spa
ALI Group Srl a Socio Unico – Divisione OEM
Viale Lombardia, 33
46012 BOZZOLO (MN)

Telephone n° +39 0376 910511-910514
Telefax n° +39 0376 920754

Today's pizza has been described as the perfect international food for contemporary living. While originally pizza, as it known today, was conceived to hono Quieen Margherita of Italy, it is now enjoyed in virtually every country in the world. OEM pizza systems have contributed significantly to this phenomenon. By using OEM equipment operators are assured of consistent, high quality pizzas. OEM's integrated components and systems begin with mixing the ingredients for the dough and end with the finished, cooked hot pizza. OEM pioneered this concept beginning in 1973 and is today one of the leading specialized manufacturers of pizzeria equipment.


Electric pizza ovens and pizzaria machines, industrial dish washing machines. The basic elements in the OEM 'Pizza system' are: mixers, in various sizes designed to handle dense pizza dough; dough portioning equipment, to automatically divide dough into individual portions ready for forming; dough presses, to flatten dough to the desired thickness for the perfect pizza crust; ovens, to finish the process and provide an even consistently cooked pie time after time.
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