omg srl a socio unico

omg srl a socio unico
Via Johann Strauss, 42
20831 SEREGNO (MB)

Telephone n° +39 376 526011 
Telefax n° +39 376 588008


OMG was set in 1968 as a company specialising in metalwork and only 10 years later, with its present-day name, became an industrial concern. Its main objective-the design and construction of lift trucks for the internal handling of materials-has turned OMG into force to be reckoned with on a number of markets. 1983 marked the beginning of indipendent activity which, facilitating the gradual creation of its own marketing network and after-sales service, led the company to extend throughout the national and international territory. This increase affected not only the amount of annual turnover but also the number of units produced, which currently stand at three thousand.


Electronically controlled lift trucks; Pedestrian-controlled or ride-on powered pallet trucks; Pedestrian-controlled or ride-on powered pallet stackers; Low-medium level horizontal order picking truks; Medium-hight level vertical order picking truks; Ride-on reach trucks with 4-way steering.
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