Stacmec avails itself of Mantova Export's services

My name is Mirco Stacchezzini, Managing Director of Stacmec SRL, a handicraft manufacturer of agricultural machines.
Some years ago, our sector consisting of sugar beet harvesting machines underwent an almost serious crisis, for this reason we decided to address foreign markets to make up for the lack of requests from the Italian market.
Consequently we got acquainted with Mantova Export, a Consortium that allowed us to make new discoveries and gain new experiences. I remember the first time we met, I personally talked to the General Manager and explained who we were: a small-sized enterprise in crisis.
The General Manager, Mr Dotti, quite frankly told me: "Selling two, three machines to foreign Countries does not mean that a Company is introduced abroad, to achieve this goal it is necessary to carry out an internationalization process requiring certain investments".
After that, Mantova Export practically became our outsourcing foreign department. And we learnt how to avail ourselves of all its services, or a part of them. Since almost ten years we comprehensively utilize Mantova Export's services, from text translations to specific market analyses, brochure requests, inquiries concerning customs and freight issues, in other words anything regarding "foreign Countries". Mantova Export is a point of reference that allows Companies to feel protected.
Mantova Export is in a position not only to offer professional, highly competent advice, but also a personal support, suggestions how to act for the best in certain situations, how to become acquainted with them, and as to other realities, this cannot always be taken for granted. This is what Stacmec felt the need to find and surely found thanks to Mantova Export's team.
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