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torreggiani srl
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Torreggiani S.R.L. was born in Redondesco, a small village near Mantova, in 1974, from the idea of two brothers, Livio and Carlo Torreggiani, aiming to test their skills in a brand new sector. Livio cares about sales department while Carlo takes the responsibility of the production area.

In 1974, they build , with their own hands, the first staple making machine to offer staples to a limitated number of customers, mainly in Lombardy and Veneto area. Step by step, new young workers are hired and new machines are assembled while the product range grows. In 1979, the company decides to equip itself with a proper structure: Torreggiani S.R.L. moves from Redondesco to Ceresara (current location of the company). Offices and new production plants are built here. 

During the years, the new needs of customers have brought to expand the range of products by adding heavy duty staples and carton closing staples. In 2008, new lines of production are implemented for the production of collated nails.

Today, Torreggiani S.R.L. Is one of the italian leading companies in fastener field. We, as Torreggiani, are committed to provide high quality staples paying attention to the environmental impact.  Our production plant includes the latest model equipments in terms of technology, both for industrial staples and collated nails. The process of production begins from our own drawing mill. This allows us to apply a strict quality control in every phase of production. Along with domestic market, we are currently exporting staples and coil nails worldwide. 


Industrial products,industrial staples.
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